What is NLP…

  • NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  • NLP is a proven, highly successful method of ‘retraining’ the mind of business people to adopt behaviours that result in increased confidence, higher performance, career progression and understanding yourself better.
  • NLP is a set of coaching tools to support you in mastering your mindset by changing any negative behaviours, thoughts or habits that maybe showing up for you in your life.
  • NLP releases those inner fears you have about moving forwards.
  • NLP also breaks down self-beliefs and limiting beliefs you hold about yourself. These beliefs are the negative things you tell yourself in your own mind that are holding you back.

Having taken my NLP Practitioner with The Coaching Academy in London in 2016, I went on to become an NLP Master Practitioner with The NLP Academy in London in 2017.


Success Stories

“The NLP techniques that Miriam used were really powerful with a negative work situation that I was experiencing in my workplace. I felt helpless but after my sessions I felt empowered and free. I was able to clear my head and move forwards. ”

Eileen, Marketing Director

“I wanted to work on my influence and persuasion skills as I knew this was my weakest link. I was resistant to work on this area of my skill-set but after working through my NLP programme with Miriam, I have now overcome my fears and limiting beliefs around my weaknesses. This has greatly helped my mindset ‘”

Patrick, Business Owner

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