One to One Coaching and NLP: Perfect for SMEs, Sole Traders, Entrepreneurs and professionals

Miriam Cuddihy Development Coaching

One to One Coaching and NLP: Perfect for SMEs, Sole Traders, Entrepreneurs and professionals

Miriam Cuddihy Development Coaching

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You have ideas, vision and ambition. You might be on the brink of launching a successful business. Or you might be running a successful business now and it’s time to take your business to the next level and grow.
But something is holding you back. Time; almost definitely. Unsure of the exact steps you need to take to achieve your dreams; quite likely. Concern about risk and lack of self-belief and confidence; very possibly.
One to one coaching can help individual business people and professionals overcome these hurdles. Coaching sessions may incorporate a variety of techniques, a proven and highly effective one of which is NLP.
One to one coaching and NLP will help you;

  • Define realistic goals
  • Set an achievable plan on how to get there, based on taking small manageable steps (stepping stones) towards your goal
  • Raise self-awareness and build responsibility
  • Establish what resources, support or investment you need
  • Identify your strengths and skills and work out how put them to best use
  • Help you to think differently; more creatively and strategically
  • Overcome obstacles and barriers holding you back
  • Unlock your potential to maximise your performance
  • Change your mindset to a positive and empowered one
  • Make changes to working practices leading to increased efficiency, productivity and results whilst maintaining other important aspects of your life
  • Improve communication, professional relationships, leadership qualities, confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve work life balance

Miriam Cuddihy Coaching One to one coaching and NLP

  • Full initial consultation and exploration of your goals
  • Expert advice around best approach
  • As Master Practitioner in NLP, we can supply this service to the highest level of effectiveness
  • Practical strategies, models, tools, frameworks, exercises, ideas and techniques
  • Completely bespoke coaching plan in line with your needs
  • Coaching style that guides, supports, directs and empowers
  • Ongoing assessment and accountability to focus on results

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Why use Miriam Cuddihy Coaching?

1. High level of qualifications held including a Master of Science (MSc) in Coaching and Personal Management from UCC, as well as a Master Practitioner in NLP

2. Provides the full spectrum of coaching services to support every type of business and individual including personal branding and image consultancy

3. Empathetic, personable, supportive, non-judgemental coaching style resulting in a strong rapport with clients

4. Wide range of workshops covering all aspects of leadership and management behaviour

5. Total commitment and drive to see clients transform, grow and achieve their objectives

What can coaching do?

1. Improved personal performance resulting in career progression and recognition

2. Clearer direction, goal setting, time management and delegation skills for all professionals including small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs

3. More positive and productive professional relationships and working practices in senior teams, leading to improved business performance and project delivery

4. Personal development in terms of confidence, communication and image leading to the ability to better handle workload, stress, networking and public speaking situations

5. DISC profiling to understand current behaviours, mindset and traits with practical advice and techniques on how to overcome personal stumbling blocks and make improvements



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