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Miriam Cuddihy Development Coaching

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Miriam Cuddihy Development Coaching

Workshops and training programmes

Our workshops and training programmes cover a wide variety of topics; but are all designed to leave delegates more motivated, knowledgeable and empowered to perform well in their businesses.
With the content of our workshops and training programmes based on the expert knowledge of our highly qualified Coach, the practical strategies and techniques we provide have the power to generate real, positive change.
Workshops and training programmes have a strong focus on individual attitudes and mindsets which may be limiting business people to fulfil their potential.

Our workshops and training programmes cover;

  • How To Overcome Your Negative Self-Talk
  • Embracing Change
  • Managing Your State
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • How To Be (More) Successful
  • How To (Control, Manage and Eliminate) Conflict
  • Valuing Staff
  • Goal Setting
  • Confidence And Public Speaking
  • Turn Visions Into Reality Using Vision Boards
  • How Coaching Can Grow You And Your Business
  • Personal Branding & Image Consultancy
  • Leadership – How To Motivate And Influence Others
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Mastering Your Mindset

Thanks to our expertise in Coaching and Leadership Development, we can also create and deliver bespoke workshops and training programmes tailored to the needs of your organisation or business.

Miriam Cuddihy Coaching Workshops

  • All workshops and training programmes delivered by expert, ICF qualified Coach
  • All workshops and training programmes focus on results with practical tips, tools and strategies for change
  • Workshops and training programmes accompanied by useful notes
  • Completely bespoke workshops and training programmes available based on the needs of your organisation

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Why use Miriam Cuddihy Coaching?

1. High level of qualifications held including a Master of Science (MSc) in Coaching and Personal Management from UCC, as well as a Master Practitioner in NLP

2. Provides the full spectrum of coaching services to support every type of business and individual including personal branding and image consultancy

3. Empathetic, personable, supportive, non-judgemental coaching style resulting in a strong rapport with clients

4. Wide range of workshops covering all aspects of leadership and management behaviour

5. Total commitment and drive to see clients transform, grow and achieve their objectives

What can coaching do?

1. Improved personal performance resulting in career progression and recognition

2. Clearer direction, goal setting, time management and delegation skills for all professionals including small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs

3. More positive and productive professional relationships and working practices in senior teams, leading to improved business performance and project delivery

4. Personal development in terms of confidence, communication and image leading to the ability to better handle workload, stress, networking and public speaking situations

5. DISC profiling to understand current behaviours, mindset and traits with practical advice and techniques on how to overcome personal stumbling blocks and make improvements



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