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The manner in which, or the efficiency with which, something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose

This is what you want to achieve.

This is the service we offer.

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DO YOU love your little black dress but feel it makes you look washed out?

IS BLACK your favourite neutral but you’re not sure how to wear it this season?

ARE YOU trapped in black and need another colour that works with everything?

  • Come to my Workshop and learn how to make fashions favourite neutral work for you saving you time and money in the future
  • From choosing the right fabric to adding the right accessories or colours, you will learn how to wear black so that it flatters YOU
  • You can also find some great alternatives to black that work for your colouring so that you don’t have to be a slave to it
  • Bring a friend and turn it into a girly afternoon of fun
  • DATE: To be confirmed
  • COST: €25 per person
  • VENUE: Colour me Beautiful Studio, Silver Birch, Hugginstown, Co Kilkenny


Would You love to have a carefully arranged wardrobe of clothes You look and feel great in or does Your wardrobe resemble the following?

  • All a bit chaotic?
  • You have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?
  • Nothing seems to go with anything?
  • You sometimes waste money on clothes You don’t wear?
  • You wear the same thing most of the time?

Fear not, You are definitely not alone and help is at hand. You don’t need masses of clothes to be well dressed, You just need carefully selected pieces which work for you. This enjoyable, informative workshop will arm you with the knowledge You need to build Your capsule wardrobe. You will learn:

  • Some of the key colours and styles which will work for you
  • How to mix, match and co-ordinate to build multiple outfits
  • How to ‘weed’ and organise Your existing wardrobe effectively
  • How to create a wardrobe which works for You and Your lifestyle
  • Bring a friend and turn it into a girly morning of fun
  • DATE: To be confirmed
  • COST: €25 per person
  • VENUE: Colour me Beautiful Studio, Silver Birch, Hugginstown, Co Kilkenny

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Why use Miriam Cuddihy Coaching?

1. High level of qualifications held including Distinction in Personal Performance Diploma, Distinction in Small Business Coaching Diploma, Distinction in Corporate & Executive Coaching Diploma and Master Practitioner in NLP

2. Provides the full spectrum of coaching services to support every type of business and individual including image consultancy

3. Empathetic, personable, supportive, non-judgemental coaching style resulting in a strong rapport with clients

4. Wide range of workshops covering all aspects of leadership and management behaviour and performance

5. Total commitment and drive to see clients transform, grow and achieve their objectives

What can coaching do?

1. Improved personal performance resulting in career progression and recognition

2. Better management inside organisations, leading to improved productivity and morale

3. Clearer direction, goal setting, time management and delegation skills for all professionals including small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs

4. Developed improved communication and empathy leading to stronger professional relationships

5. More positive and productive professional relationships and working practices in senior teams, leading to improved business performance and project delivery

6. More effective leadership and management of personal failure, professional crises and other significant challenges

7. Personal development in terms of confidence, communication and image leading to the ability to better handle workload, stress, networking and public speaking situations

8. Full professional analysis and DISC profile to understand current behaviours, mindset and traits with practical advice and techniques on how to overcome personal stumbling blocks and make improvements

9. Improved confidence, well-being, calm and self-image

10. Give an opportunity to review, reflect, focus, improve and progress